4 important aspects when doing bathroom renovation Richmond

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4 important aspects when doing bathroom renovation Richmond

4 important aspects when doing bathroom renovation Richmond

We have completed many bathroom renovations in Richmond, Twickenham and Hampton area. The projects we were involved were varied – from exchanging the silicone around the bath, up to complete bathroom renovNew tiles after bathroom renovation richmondation. In this post we will try to share the points, which you need to be care of when you or someone else is renovating you bathroom. This will help keep your bathroom in a perfect condition for many years.

Good quality tile adhesive

There is nothing more annoying, than hearing strange noises when walking on your tiles done just few weeks ago. The worst thing would be to have some of the tiles moving. The solution is to use proper tile adhesive, especially for your floor. The tiles on the wall – are also very important. We wish to have them for years in good condition. Although floor tiles have more to take on, as we walk on them constantly. Even if good quality adhesive could cost more, you will have your tiles fitted for longer. We have many types of tile adhesive in the market nowadays. If you are not sure which suits best for your needs, you can always ask for advice in the shop or check forums on the internet. If you want to do your bathroom refurbishment with Quattro Build – we will choose the best tile adhesive for your needs.

Grouting the tiles

Grout between the tiles, apart from decorative aspect, it has also waterproof role. It is very important to choose the good quality grout. Quattro Build builders very often use Mapei company for grouting – and both we and the customers are happy with the end result. Grouting allows to separate the back of the tile with our bathroom. Bathroom is the most wet place in our house. Water and steam is there everyday – that is why it is so important to have proper waterproof barrier between the wall and bathroom. Many of our customers had their complete bathroom renovation 2-3 years ago, and because the grouting was not properly done by different companies their tiles started to fall down, due to water and damp behind the tiles. Make sure you or your builders done the proper grouting to have your bathroom in a very good condition for years.


Siliconing – similar like grouting – apart from aesthetic aspects, it has a very important waterproof role. Silicone is mostly used around the bath, shower, washbasin and around the floor. Places where water is is contact every day. Using experienced contractors – like Quattro Build builders – you will make sure, your silicone is put nicely and make waterproof barrier. Grouting and siliconing are very important stages of your bathroom renovation Richmond.Richmond builder fits the tiles

Good air circulation during and after bathroom renovation

No matter if you have window or not, it is good to have fan in your bathroom. Especially after taking relaxing and hot bath or shower, the steam appears in the air and walls. We need to get rid of it. Constant steam can cause damp and damage to your bathroom. That is what we would like to avoid, after our complete bathroom renovation. If you have window, which you can keep open – that is even better – as this will help constant air circulation in our lovely bathroom.


These are 4 most important things we need to consider when doing bathroom renovation. If we make sure our tile adhesive, silicone, grout are good quality and we allow air circulation – your should have your bathroom in a good condition for years.

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