5 most popular building projects done by Hampton, Twickenham and Richmond builders

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5 most popular building projects done by Hampton, Twickenham and Richmond builders

5 common building projects in Hampton, Twickenham and Richmond area

List of 5 common building projects done by hampton and richmond builders

In this post we will try to summarize the most popular building projects in Richmond, Hampton and Twickenham area. Hampton, Twickenham and Richmond builders are very occupied people. As you drive through the south west part of London, especially in summer time you can notice a lot of Loft Conversions and House Extensions in Hampton. In Richmond and Twickenham most of the jobs – are indoor jobs. Have a look into our list.

House extension by Hampton specialists

House Extension especially in Hampton or Twickenham area are usually big projects. Extending our living space has lots of benefits – from having more space for our family, to increase the value of the property. There are many factors which we need to consider when planning the extension. But the most important is to fulfil our expectations. If we have just one bathroom, and many times guests are coming to visit us – maybe thinking about building guest room with the bathroom could be a good option. Maybe we are thinking about making more space for our children to play – we can extend our living room or build play room for kids. There are many options. We need to remember abut planning permission and asking for guidance local authority or architect if needed.House renovation Richmond

House Renovation

This kind of project is very common for people who just bought the property. It could be just refreshing of all the rooms, as well as complete refurbishment of whole property. The common jobs during refreshing are painting the walls, replacing floor, changing the front door or changing the curtain reels.

When we are talking about complete house renovation – this could include demolishing walls, changing the purpose of the rooms – so if our kitchen is very small but we have 5 rooms we can consider moving kitchen to one of the rooms. Everything is possible – we just need to remember to follow the procedures.

Kitchen Renovation by Richmond builders

kitchen renovation Richmond

There is a lot of demand for Kitchen Renovation nowadays. People spend many hours in kitchen cooking, socializing with friends and family, helping children with their homework or simply eating. We changing something in the kitchen if we buy new house or we live in our property for many years and we would like to change how our kitchen looks like. The reasons for doing it maybe just to change the look of our kitchen to more modern. We thinking to make it more safe – if the kitchen was built many years ago. We want to make sure that apart from nicely looking kitchen – it is safe and according to the current standards.

Open Space kitchen

In the old days, kitchen and living room were separate rooms. In many cases nowadays – this is still happening. It all depends of the preferences. But more and more people decide to demolish the wall between kitchen and living room. This will allow to socialize with our guests – where we are cooking. Making sure we can look after our children – who are in the living room while we are preparing tea. The reason for removing the wall as part of the kitchen refurbishment could be making much sunny space in our room. If we have huge windows in the living room which bring lots of natural light, and tiny window in the kitchen – we can be sure our kitchen will gain more sunlight.

Bathroom refurbishment

Bathroom – is a similar case like with the Kitchen. Renovating the bathroom is a very common project in Richmond and Twickenham area. Twickenham and Richmond builders offers range of services to make you bathroom looks modern and fresh.

We considering to just do the refreshment by painting the ceiling, painting the tiles, changing the taps or do the complete refurbishment. It is even worth to consider extending our bathroom. When we have a huge room next door – we can demolish the existing wall and build new one a bit further. In that case we have space for both bath and shower. If our bathroom is divided to separate toilet and separate washing space – we can also remove the wall. This will create our bathroom more spacious.

Painting & Decorating

Painting and decorating is a very popular job done by Richmond builders. We have lots of choices to change the colour of our walls, skirting boards, doors. The shops are full of different types of paints dedicated to different materials, rooms, purposes. Changing the paint or fitting new skirting boards could bring refreshing feeling in our living space.


We hope you like our summary of 5 common building projects done in Richmond, Twickenham and Hampton area. I am sure there are many other areas of services where Hampton and Richmond builders are occupied. Our summary is based on our experiences as well as our colleagues from the building industry.

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