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House Extension ideas

House Extension Hampton & Richmond area

House Extension – Rear, side or roof?Beautiful bathroom done during house extension hampton

The most common house extension done in Hampton is rear extension at the ground level. This type of extension is probably the first thing when people think about extensions in general. Apart from this obvious option there are different alternatives if our garden is tiny or we do not want to loose our open space at the back. Apart from our expectations and dreams, we also need to take into consideration planning guidelines and structural issues.

Access – another factor to consider home extension

If our garden does not have the access to the street, we do not have any rear gate with the pedestrian path, we need to remember that the materials and plants have to be taken through the house. The builders have to access the building site as well – so they will go through the house very often. This can add disruption and mess. But if this will be very well planned before – it should not cause any problems. If we make the agreement that one of the site will be responsible for covering the furnitures and floor – nothing harmful will happen. We can also plan the extension works to be done when we are away on holiday.

Rear House Extension Hampton

As said before, rear house extension is the most common type, so basically extending our house into the garden. In many cases the planning permission is not obligatory. Although we recommend checking that on Planning Portal. If you are still not sure contact your local Council for more information.

Find a space for Rear House ExtensionLiving area buld when house extension was done

If we do not have enough space in the garden, but we have the old shed – which is used only to collect the things which we ‘may need in the future’ it is worth to check if we can demolish the shed or pantry and build extension instead. This will also require to check if we need to obtain planning permission.

More space after extension

The main purpose of doing the extension is to increase our living areas or kitchen. Especially if our family is growing or simply we would like to add value into our property. There are many ways to make the extension look modern – sliding glass door, glass roof, wooden floor.

Room build during house extensionTwo-storey extensions

When we start planning our rear extension and we have a budget we can consider building a two-storey extension. This will need planning permission and will cost more, but you will do all the planning and preparation only once. Apart from new kitchen in the ground floor, you can also gain new bedroom, bathroom, office or room for your children to play. 


Side House Extension Hampton

This type of extension is very popular in urban areas, where housing tends to be dense. Side house extension could be a very effective option to gain more space in your place. In urban areas we can find a narrow strip of land which separates the properties. Usually this part is paved and give access to the garden. This place could have a very good potential to extend your kitchen – as it is very common to have kitchen at the back of this houses. Additional glass roof above the extension could give more light into our property. It sounds like a very good solution. For this type of extension you will need a planning permission as you will be building up to the property line with your neighbour.

Roof Extension Hampton

If your place already has a rear extension where you have your kitchen, bathroom or living room you can consider building the room on the top of it. Although this will require to contact your local authority and check if this kind of house extension is possible. Building the roof extension can increase the value of your property and add a lot of space for you and your family. Inserting big windows or even glass roof can bring lots of sun into our place.

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Every type of extension require good preparation and planning, but many people decide to make it, so they can enjoy additional space in their properties.
What is your plan for house extension? Rear, side or roof? Contact us if you live around Richmond and Hampton or any other area and you want to build your House Extension with Quattro Build. Send us an email to or call us on +44 78576 444 11.


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