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Hampton & Richmond House Renovation

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House Refurbishment Richmond and Hampton area

There are many reason for making house renovation Richmond. We have just bought the house or flat, we just want to have our home looks modern and fresh or we want to make house extension or loft conversion to expand our living space. The house renovation could be just painting the walls and small decorating things or it could be a big job, which include changing the floor, pastering, making changes to wall scheme, extending the living space or many more. In the next few posts we will try to describe what kind of changes can be made in your house. Below are some ideas and tips when painting your place as part of house refurbishemnt in Richmond and Hampton area.

Painting as a way to you home renovation in Hampton & RichmondRoom painted in white during house renovation Richmond

Painting sounds like a simple, easy and quick job. But it is not just painting. First of all, we need to make a decision what kind of paint we want to use. Our experienced team can help choose the most appropriate paint for your needs. We need to think about colour as well. The colour should fit our floor, our furnitures and the most important our preferences.

Preparation for painting

Another important aspect is preparation. We need to bare this in mind when the professionals offer the quote to us. Works before and after painting usually take more than painting itself. It is very important to cover existing floor and furnitures to avoid any damages. If we have access to the painted room from outside – protecting the floor in the room should be enough. But if the painted room is on the first floor or we need to use corridor to get there – we need to think about covering the floor in the areas which are used to get into the refurbished room.

Many times, to have the best result it is required to take the skirting boards and cornices off the wall. Another important thing is to prepare the wall for painting. Putting new paint into dirty and not straight wall may not bring the results we expect. The wall needs to be clean, the holes needs to be filled and plastering has to be done if the wall is in a very bad condition. Sometimes plastering may be a quicker and better option. As we have straight and fresh wall, ready for painting. Check plastering done by our experienced team in our portfolio page.

PaintingFence painted during flat house refurbishment Richmond Hampton

The painting time, should depend on the size of the room and how many layers of the paint is required to get the best results. We can find the instructions in the paint pack. Professionals from Quattro Build will help you with every phase of painting in your house.
If we are painting the walls, we can also consider painting skirting boards, cornices, windows and doors in the same time. If we paint all of them, we can be sure this will bring fresh look into our refurbished house.

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Check our Portfolio page to see some of our completed jobs. We can help you with every stages of the project. Contact us if you live around Richmond and Hampton or any other area and you consider house renovation Richmond. Send us an email to info@quattrobuild.co.uk or call us on +44 78576 444 11

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